The Modern Group Real Property’s portfolio ranges from modern luxury residential homes to practical commercial buildings.

I was assured with The Modern Group’s profile. I’ve heard their reputation for many years. I came up with a blueprint and the company had offered me a great condition; so I was able to carry on with the agreement quickly.

I appreciated Khun Sukanda Kitimahakun; she’s the executive director who has a background in architecture; she handled all important prep talks and gave me trusting in the company.

The construction crews also went through all construction process with standard. The Modern Group handled all permit and documents, which is nice and convenient. During construction, there are few obstacles, but The Modern Group gave a lot of advices and the project is finished on time."


I’m so glad that the new house is done. Modern Group architects did fantastic job in designing and adjusting. The function fits the plan and everyone in the house.

Before this, I picked the Modern Group to build our first home in Rayong a few years ago. They did great job from removing the old house footing, designing, and build a new one. The deadline was tight and on time. The package was worth it. I have no question in mind of which company to build our second home in Bangkok. The service is professional and pleased to work with."


The main reason I picked this company because it’s one of the leading company in this home business. They have been doing home construction for over 30 years. They’re also enlisted in the Home Builder Association in top tier.

The preliminary service before signing the contract went extremely well. They made a lot of adjustments according to my will and to my budget which is very flexible and helpful.


I am very happy because my home is now finished over 5 rais (2acres). The workers are helpful with provided information in details, very honest. Most of all, the method they choose to build my home is very traditional way. No shortcut. Concrete pouring and give it time to settle, very delicate. They bring you the best house you can dream of.


After we have moved in the house for a while, the Modern Group team would come to tidy things up.

During the construction process, we could select and buy any materials we wanted while Modern Group also replaced what agreed on specification list. Their system and procedures are well managed and serviced."


We spent time for a while to find home builder companies. Until we met ModernGroup, we made a decision without hesitation

due to the reputation of a high quality construction company. Now, three years later, we don't regret our choice."


I am very impressed with the ModernGroup’s on-site engineer.

He’s friendly, very organized, and well executed the job on scene. My confidence relies on the quality standard of the Modern Group."


We feel comfortable when we are working with Modern Group. We don’t have any problems to be worried about

because Modern Group can handle with any situations. They are professional."


I was right to pick Modern Group to build my home.

Modern Group technical team is full of experience and is capable of building this home that really matched my intent. All materials are in good and solid shape, the same quality that we agreed beforehand. Site engineer consistently advised me and offered me the best possible solutions to tackle any problems. The entire process went smooth despite of all complications at construction site.

I am really proud of the end product and the team effort."


I selected Modern Group’s standard design and specification, and the house is now completed.

It feels really great. I admired their team spirit and management. Materials are set according to agreed specification. Site engineer is usually on duty and reliable. It all went smooth. I thank Modern Group for creating my home and giving warm welcome and friendly approach while at work.”


Modern Group takes a lot of credit from this house.

I really appreciated the effort from all Modern Group technical team.”


Overall, I’m impressed by Modern Group’s service. They advised me from the start of design selection to anything that they cared to.

I felt comfort in dealing the project with the team. I must say that Modern Group is a quality home construction. They built solid foundation. All of their workers are skillful. I really appreciated their effort of building our beautiful home.”


I picked Modern Group because of their splendid house design at reasonable cost.

Sales representative serviced me well and fast even though I live very far from them. The construction team also built exquisitely. I am satisfied with Modern Group."